[TYPO3] BE users cannot see content created by administrator

Vlatko Šurlan vlatko at RMVCAPSnet.hr
Thu Apr 27 10:43:35 CEST 2006

Gideon So wrote:
> Hi Luka,
>     Please use the web>access module to set the access right to page for 
> other BE users. Very easy to understand.

I have created two users and added them to the editors group I created. 
The editors group had DB mount on the front page. I've also added 
administrator to the editors group. The access for all the pages I've 
created using administrator account has +++-+ for the group. But still I 
cannot see page content using any of the non administrator accounts. I 
am missing something fundamental here. Something you guys see as 
obvious. Any idea?

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