[TYPO3] RTE problem in BE

Christian Hernmarck news-NO.SPAM at lists.hernmarck.ch
Thu Apr 27 10:39:40 CEST 2006

Nirmalya[5e,India] schrieb am Montag, 24. April 2006 10:40 im Beitrag
<mailman.1.1145868003.7492.typo3-english at lists.netfielders.de>:
> hello,
> i've loaded ext- "rtehtmlarea 1.3.7" in typo3 ver 4.0.
> the Buttons in RTE is shown in BE
> i)but not functioning ...
> ii)i wanna include "myclasses" from "myStylesSheet.css" at BE RTE
>      ??
> my added script in
> TSConfig:
> options.RTEkeyList = *
> RTE.default.showButtons = *

Maybe you need this in the Page TSConfig

RTE.default { 
 contentCSS = fileadmin/tpl/css/rte_info.css
 classesTD = myOwnTD-class
 classesParagraph = myOwnPClass1, myOwnPClass2
# maybe in one line... (take the not needed buttons out of the list)
 showButtons = blockstylelabel, blockstyle, textstylelabel, textstyle,
fontstyle, fontsize, formatblock, bold, italic, underline,
strikethrough, subscript, superscript, lefttoright, righttoleft,
left, center, right, justifyfull, orderedlist, unorderedlist,
outdent, indent, textcolor, bgcolor, textindicator, emoticon,
insertcharacter, line, link, image, table, user, acronym,
findreplace, spellcheck, chMode, inserttag, removeformat, copy, cut,
paste, undo, redo, showhelp, about, toggleborders, tableproperties,
rowproperties, rowinsertabove, rowinsertunder, rowdelete, rowsplit,
columninsertbefore, columninsertafter, columndelete, columnsplit,
cellproperties, cellinsertbefore, cellinsertafter, celldelete,
cellsplit, cellmerge

have a look at the manual there are more classesXYZ avaliable (the
manual is included in Typo3 4.0 - see ext manager rta-htmlarea)

Before rte-htmlarea 1.0, you didne't need the "classesXYZ =" line in
the page TSConfig.

Ok? Does is work now?


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