[TYPO3] How to use file references

Robert Markula robert.markula at gmx.net
Wed Apr 26 20:04:03 CEST 2006

Hi List,
I've heard much that directly referencing files instead of copying them 
to uploads/ will be possible with DAM. But I didn't find much 
documentation on that and the documentation which I found is pretty 
useless in this regard (dam and dam_ttcontent documentation).

My questions are:
1. How do I enable file referencing?
2. Once enabled, is it enabled for all content elements and extensions?
3. What about the files which were used in content elements prior to 
enable file referencing? Will they continue to use the file copy in 
uploads/ or can they be automagickally 'converted' to use the original 
files in fileadmin/? If not, would I really have to re-import them in 
every content element that I use?
4. Are there any things to be noticed about when using file references?
5. And finally: How stable is file referencing?

It would be nice if somebody could shed a light on this.


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