[TYPO3] Templavoila and web design

Luc Franken typo3 at tentoday.com
Wed Apr 26 19:05:07 CEST 2006

It is quite easy:

Create an HTML element, for example a div, in your HTML template where 
you want the searchbox. Then make a mapping with the templatevoila 
module in the menu WEB in the backend op Typo3. The settings for this 
mapping: typoscript object, give it a name, for example: lib.searchbox.

Furthermore I would advise to read the documentation of macina search.

Best regards,

Luc Franken

Christian Tardif schreef:
> Hi,
> being quite new to Typo3, my question wil probably seem ridiculous, but 
> there's soooo  many documentation here and there that I can't find a 
> proper answer to this one (as for many others for now, in fact  :-))
> I did a template for Templavoila consisting of an header, a top menu, a 
> leftside menu, and a room for content.   My problem is that I would like 
> to use a space (actually at the right side of top menus), to install a 
> search tool. But, I do not seem to find any way to install the search 
> box, since it dows not reside in content area.  A somewhat larger 
> question would be: how can we put something (let's say my search box), 
> in a place not covered by the content area.
> Thanks,

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