[TYPO3] including java webapp in typo3?

Jacky bolikxx at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 26 14:47:01 CEST 2006

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your reply and the explanation, this gives me a clearer idea 
of how this could be possible.

Kind regards


"Martin Kindler" <kindlerm at arcor.de> wrote in
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> Hi,
> what do you want to do exactly? 
> I have just done such an integration. In my case there are two apps, a
> Java Servlet (based on Struts Action 1.2/Tomcat) implementing my
> business model (and ist interface) and the Typo3-site used for the
> "standard" marketing-oriented stuff. I integrated those two using
> three loose coupling mechanisms:
> - the Servlet is integrated as a external URL page,
> - the data are integrated thru sharing the same data base (i. e.
> having a little T3 extension which reads the main DB of the business
> model used by the Servlet). This could also be done using a more
> heavyweight method, e. g. SOAP or a Java/PHP bridge,
> - common user interface parts are created in Typo3 and integrated as
> iFrames.
> This works and was fairly easy to accomplish (with the lack of easyly
> accessible T3 documentation for extension authors being the biggest
> problem), but it has some problems, especially as there is (in my
> case) some redundancy between user interface parts which could not be
> shared thru iFrames posing a maintenance problem, but this could be
> solved by creating all UI stuff in Typo3. For me, this was not
> possible because the Java app existed already and the T3 part was an
> add-on. 
> Martin
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>> Hi,
>> I am not familiar with creating/using Java webapplications, 
>> is it in any 
>> way possible to include a Java app in a typo3 website?
>> tnx in advance for any replies
>> regards
>> Jacky
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