Vandemaele David david.vandemaele at telenet.be
Wed Apr 26 12:18:36 CEST 2006

Dmitry Dulepov schreef:
> Hi!
> Vandemaele David wrote:
>> Thx, that's what I need. However, i'm propably missing something.
>> This is the code:
>> page.10 = RECORDS
>> page.10.source = 1, 2
>> page.10.tables = knx_country
> This table name is non-standard. It should start with tx_, have a set of
> predefined fields and appear in $TCA.
>> But it isn't returning me anything. Is this because I'm using TV?
> No, it should not be a problem. Try to replace knx_country with any
> other table (like tt_content) and provide appropriate existing UIDs in
> "source". If it appears, problems is with knx_country.
> Dmitry.

I also tried this (with tt_content, like in the example), but it still 
doesn't show anything. That's why I thought, It could be related to TV.



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