[TYPO3] I can not log on the admin module in PHP safemode?

Hasse Feldthaus hasse at ebisu.dk
Wed Apr 26 10:48:30 CEST 2006

Hi guys ...


(this is a translation of a question I have posted on the danish maillist
without getting any feedback at all, so now I'm gonna try my luck with this


I have made a new typo3 installation through the typo3/install script, and
when I try to log on the admin module, I get the following errormessage:

(typo3/alt_main.php) " ERROR: File not written to disk! Write permission
error in filesystem?" (after I have submitted the default username and


The server is running PHP in safemode. If safemode is disabled, everything
is peachy. :-( 

In the long run I am not allowed to run PHP with safemode disabled, so it is
essential that I can get typo3 up and running in safemode.


Does anybody have a clue what is wrong, and/or how I can get typo3
functional in safemode (is it possible at all - or is it going to be very



Sincerely Hasse


P.S. I have tried to toggle safemode on and of a couple of times, and every
time it is enabled, I - of my best knowledge - can do nothing at all :-(




Hasse Feldthaus

Systemdeveloper @ Ebisu

Ny Kongensgade 9

1472 Copenhagen

Tlf: (+45) 88 88 71 01

MSN: hassefeldthaus at hotmail.dk


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