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Harald Klotzberg harald.klotzberg at netzbewohner.de
Tue Apr 25 12:38:13 CEST 2006

more hints:

lib.footer = HMENU
lib.footer.1 = TMENU
lib.footer.1.NO {

better have html stuff in css
-lib.footer.1.wrap = | <BR><BR>
-linkWrap = &nbsp;<font color=black> | </font>&nbsp;

next step:
if you have a marker like ###footer### in your template, substitute it with
OR if you use TemplaVoila you need a object path (name: lib.footer) and
you´re done.

you can have the <div id="test"> in your template as well, no wrap needed

grtz, harry

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Hi all,
Still stuck!
I have this code to try and put a horizontal menu at the footer of the page.

page.5 = HMENU
page.5.wrap = <div id="test">|</div>
page.5.1 = TMENU

page.5.1.wrap = | <BR><BR>
page.5.1.NO {
  linkWrap = &nbsp;<font color=black> | </font>&nbsp;
  ATagBeforeWrap = 1

This inserts a menu, but in the outputted html code, the <div> is always put

just after the body tag of the outputted html.
Even though i put the 'test' div in the template and stylesheet and position

the div in another div for positioning, , the 'test' div is always put after

the body tag.

How do i position the 'test' to go where i want it?

Sorry, but can't figure it out!



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