[TYPO3] Usergroup

Billy L. Irwin wb4bli at charter.net
Tue Apr 25 10:13:48 CEST 2006

Ok, I figured that part out. Now have another problem with it. When I login
it does nothing. It doesn't make the specific page pop up in the menu list
to the left. It is like it is completely restricting access to the page even
though you are authenticated. 

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Hi Billy,

    Create a new page and choose the type as sysfolder. Name it whatever 
appropriate to you. This is the storage page then follow the step I 
mentioned in my last post.


Billy L. Irwin wrote:
> I can't find which one is a storage page. Can you give me the steps to
> manage FE Users and FE User groups. I can't find it anywhere. No joke, I
> legally blind and sometimes have a hard time. Thanks for all your help
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