[TYPO3] TCEforms: dynamic column label in TCA?

Franz Holzinger franz at fholzinger.com
Mon Apr 24 09:24:16 CEST 2006

Hello Marcel,
> I'm new to typo3 programming and have just built my first extension that
>  allows to manage a simple table using TCEforms in 3 languages (german,
> french, italian).
> I have a table with a type field and several additional fields. The
> additional fields only appear after the user has entered the type field
> and updated its form. This works nicely using TCA configuration. My
> backend users add records to this table using TCEforms.
> The content in the additional fields always has the same meaning, but
> depending on the value in the type field, I would like to have TCEforms
> attach a label with a slightly different text.
> I wanted to try something like adding in tca.php an assignment
> $TCA["mytable"]["columns"]["mycolumn"]["label"]="LLL:EXT:myext/locallang_db.php:tx_myext_mytable.mycolumn_".$value_of_type_field
> ...and then add these different labels in locallang_db.php, but I don't
> know how I could get at the $value_of_the_type_field within tca.php.
> Any help on how to accomplish this would much be appreciated.

have a look at the Dynaflex extension from Thomas Hempel. You can
accomplish this with his extension.



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