[TYPO3] Plugin configuration won't save

Daniel Doesburg daniel at typo3-nl.eu
Mon Apr 24 01:00:20 CEST 2006

Roan Schuurman schreef:
> Everytime when i use an extension (tt_news for exampl), the configuration
> settings are not saved when adding the plugin to an page. i always have to
> configure it in the setup field of the template.
> now i am trying to use the new front_end login box plugin and again the same
> problem, but here i don't know how to override the configuration in the
> setup field.
> to display the content of a plugin, i write in the setup field something
> like: page.10 < plugin.tx_newloginbox_pi1.. is this the correct way?
> please some help
> Roan Schuurman

Hi Roan,

It's a feature of the new EM. First install it without any 
configuration. And afterwards click on the name of the extension and you 
can configure all what you want.



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