[TYPO3] how to position content

dave ashton dave at bassmedia.net
Sat Apr 22 00:59:41 CEST 2006

Newbie here!,
I'm trying to position a little menu where i like on the page.
Got this code from the references online:-

page.5 = HMENU
page.5.1 = TMENU
page.5.1.wrap = | <BR><BR>
page.5.1.NO {
layerStyle =
  xPosOffset =-10
  lockPosition = x
  linkWrap = &nbsp;<font color=yellow> | </font>&nbsp;
  ATagBeforeWrap = 1

this puts the menu at the top of the screen, but i can't seem to position it
in a <div> or table, e.g. if i want to put the menu in a div called <test>
Tried wrap and stdWrap in the 'page.5.1.NO ' but nothing happens.
Can get a gmenu to work aswell, just can't position the thing!

Any help, most appreciated!!



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