[TYPO3] Problem with mailform layout in Typo3v4

JoH info at cybercraft.de
Fri Apr 21 15:57:36 CEST 2006

> I have just played around with a mailform in Typo3 v. 4 and it doesnt
> place the form in a table like it used to.
> Is this on purpose or a bug?

It's on purpose, since people thought it would be good to remove the table
based stuff due to accesibility rules.
But you can have it back if you like, since the old behaviour is still there
in CSS-styled-content but overriden via a condition that checks the
compatibility version.

Simply go to the template analyzer, check the TS-Setup of CSS-styled-content
and find the part _outside_ this condition, where the Mailform is styled the
old school way.
Copy and paste this part into your setup and don't forget to empty the
original setup before.

tt_content.mailform >
tt_content.mailform {
    # Place the old stuff here


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