[TYPO3] [SOLVED]configure BE input form

Martin Kindler kindlerm at arcor.de
Fri Apr 21 13:38:13 CEST 2006

just, if anybody is interested:

I found a solution myself. I added a filter function to the TCA
configuration of column imageorient, which checks for the Ctype of the
current row.

in ext_tables.php I added:
$TCA['tt_content']['columns']['imageorient']['config']['itemsProcFunc'] =

function myFilterFunction($pars) {
	if ($pars['row']['CType'] == 'myCType') {
		$pars['items'] = <something I need>;


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> I have written an extension which adds my own Ctype(s) to tt_content. 
> Now I want to specify the image orientation for the image 
> used in my Ctypes (which are essentially textpics where text 
> and image come from an external data base, but with my own 
> rendering). I would like to reuse the imageorient field from 
> tt_content and also the BE form elements should be (nearly) 
> the same as the "normal" ones provided by T3. I want to allow 
> only three types of imageorient (i. e. top-left, top-center, 
> and top-right). Therefore the other options must be removed 
> from the SELECT. I can do this by modifying the TCA for 
> "imageorient" but then the options will be removed from ALL 
> types, which I do not want. 
> How do I modify the optione only for my Ctypes?
> Martin
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