[TYPO3] Language problem in bahag_photogallery

Suman Debnath suman at srijan.in
Fri Apr 21 12:12:58 CEST 2006

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your feedback. Responses follow :) .

1) We were unaware of this issue. Could you explain a bit more ?

2) Thanks for the suggestion. This would certainly be implemented in the 
next iteration.

3) Actually it does, but is somewhat dependent on versions 5+. So we 
implemented the template constant for some users who don't have access 
to a newer version. This way they can use a different installation of 
IM. We are hoping to remove this 'hack' soon.

4) The BE controlled caching/indexing will be made optional so that the 
user has the choice of doing it in the FE (like you mentioned) as well. 
This solution is already in place, however would be released together 
with the other features as the next update.

Actually when you re-index the gallery, it only recreates the 
changed/new images. However, if you have a large number of images, it 
does take quite a bit of time.

Suman Debnath

Kevin Renskers wrote:
>> Except the language problem this is the best gallery I have tested!
> Hm I tried it too yesterday, because from the demo I've seen it looked 
> very promising. But sadly there are some problem with it that stops me 
> from using this extension.
> 1) The url's created don't work: the photoalbum uses links like 
> www.example.com/?gallery=4
> 2) The directories are not sorted by name. I wanted to use this plugin 
> for photoalbum that has multiple directory-levels, starting with year, 
> then album name. But the years are all randomly sorted.
> 3) It doesn't use the imagemagick config from Typo3 itself.
> 4) Creating the thumbnails takes a VERY long time with this plugin, if 
> you have many albums. Like I said, I wanted to use it for a 
> multi-leveled directory structure. When I add a directory with photo's 
> to my album structure, I have to re-index the whole thing! With 
> goof_fotoboek it is all done automatically when visiting an album. And 
> why does it use 3 seperate sub-directories? Use typo3temp!
> So the idea behind it is pretty cool, it looks pretty good and it offers 
> very cool functions, but there still is a lot of work to be done. Mainly 
> in the creation of the thumbnails...
> Kevin

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