[TYPO3] Content translation

Sébastien Ioannitis-McColl Ioannitis at intracen.org
Thu Apr 20 19:25:03 CEST 2006

Thanks for your email.  However, this is not what I meant by "CONTENT
TRANSLATION". To be clear, I am currently using the TRANSLATION
functionality within TYPO3, so binding between pages is fine (I am using
approach 2). My problem is at the ELEMENTS level, where I would need a
binding between the default language elements and their translated
versions, to keep a 1:1 relation.
My second problem is that I would like to reference those objects
within TYPOSCRIPT without using UIDs, with some kind of key mechanism to
avoid broken links. So first thing I had in mind to resolve those two
problems is to write an extension adding a field for the binding which I
could query in TYPOSCRIPT.
If you have any other idea, please let me know.

>>> Francesco Pessina <typo3news at yahoo.it> 20/04/2006 18:49 >>>

Try to read an tip&tricks from Kasper at


It require no extension to install, only a little modification about
your template setup and add 
some new language items on Typo.

It explain how to implements multilanguage sites in Typo3. I suggest
the 2nd method (the first isn't 
flexible). In this forum you may try to search some tread about to how
to implement multilanguage 
switch menu' (this is also explained in the article above).

I hope this can help you.



Sébastien Ioannitis-McColl ha scritto:
> Hello
> I am wondering if there is an extension or a way for content
translation, since translation occurs only at the page level (which I
believe is relevant in most cases). I actually need to do a 1-1
translation into different languages.  
> Thank you in advance
> seb
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