[TYPO3] Advanced query not advanced enough?

Pieter pieter.v at gmx.net
Wed Apr 19 23:14:18 CEST 2006

The DB check has an Advanced query but I somehow managed to have a need 
for an even more advanced one ;-)

I want to make a query with the members of certain FE usergroups: all 
users of group 1 for example.

There are more then 10 FE usergroups on the website.  They have uid  1 
up to 14.  I have a user who is member of groups "3,4,11".

The Avanced DB query can not generate a list with only the members of 
group 1:
- 'equals' only works if the users is member of exactly 1 group.
- 'contains' also includes the users of group 10 or 11.

The other options are no solution either.

What it needs is a query looking like this:
fe_users.usergroup = '$item' OR fe_users.usergroup LIKE '$item,%' OR 
fe_users.usergroup LIKE '%,$item' OR fe_users.usergroup LIKE '%,$item,%'

where $item is the value entered.

Is my thinking correct?  And is there a way to overcome this problem? 
How do I extract a list of members of a FE Group?


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