[TYPO3] new _REF_ field and CSV export in Typo3 backend

Pieter pieter.v at gmx.net
Wed Apr 19 22:18:51 CEST 2006

Hello all,

the new 4.0 has the great new reference fields.  Very useful!  You can 
exactly tell where a record is used on the site.

But: this _REF_ field is always shown.  So when you want to make a CSV 
export (you're FE users for example), _REF_ is part of the export.  And 
the field looks like this for a record with references:
<a href="#" onclick="top.launchView('fe_users', '4'); return false;" 
title="tt_news:6:tx_newsauthorrel_author / 
tt_news:9:tx_newsauthorrel_author / tt_news:11:tx_newsauthorr...">7</a>

Now, for us highly specialized software people, it's easy to ignore this 
field in the CSV file.  But the 'simple' user that needs this export 
from time to time goes crazy on this text.

Does anyone know a way to avoid it?


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