[TYPO3] multiple domains will not work

Dylan Barwick info at tiptoptoons.com
Wed Apr 19 17:47:46 CEST 2006

Caution - newbie alert!!

I've searched the documentation and the archives of this mailing list  
and although I can find lots of info on how to get multiple domains  
working I can't get my typo3 installation to actually do it.

I followed the instructions in the quickstart tutorial to the letter...


I've pointed the domain at my webserver and set up a redirection to the  
typo3 database directory. Both of the websites have a domain record on  
their root page so that they can accept the redirect and display the  
correct branch of the page tree. Unfortunately, the top of the page  
tree is displayed every time, regardless of which URL I type in, and  
the URL switches from what was typed to the domain of the main site.

To clarify:

the main site is called www.developer-domain.net

the first of the multiple domains is corporate.developer-domain.net

the second of the multiple domains is www.client-domain.org

www.client-domain.org is pointed at the developer-domain.net server

both of them are redirected to the typo3 directory:  

both of the root pages in the typo3 page tree have a domain record that  
matches the required domains (corporate.developer-domain.net and  

Every time I try to type in "www.client-domain.org" it redirects to  
"www.developer-domain.net/typo3" and displays the first page it comes  
to. What I need it to do is display the contents of the correct root  
page and keep the domain "www.client-domain.org" throughout all  
subsequent pages.

I'm getting ready to kick myself when someone points out the really  
obvious thing that I've missed.

Many thanks,


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