[TYPO3] RealURL: PostVars are either all mapped or none, how to change that?

media.res | alex widschwendter a.widschwendter at mediares.at
Wed Apr 19 16:10:54 CEST 2006

hi andreas,

> I am configuring the RealURL Extension for my page. There I have some 
> Parameters for my own extension. These parameters can be existant on any 
> page, because the plugin could be everywhere. And it's also possible 
> that there are just a few of these parameters. Just to make this clear: 
>   I am linking to some records in the database those records could be 
> associated to a subcategory or not, so the subcategory parameter is only 
>  existant if the record is associated to one. Of course this shoul be 
> the same in the URL.
> What I did was the configuration of those parameters as fixedPostVars. 
> This work so far very good, everything is mapped, but if there is one 
> parameter missing the URL gets an //. Meaning if one of the parameters 
> is there, all of the parameters defined are tried to get translated, if 
> there is one missing in the original url I get an empty one, ending in a 
> double slash.

maybe condPrevValue (search for it in the docu) is your friend!?

hth alex

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