[TYPO3] FrontEnd editing for record of custom plugin

Francesco Pessina typo3news at yahoo.it
Wed Apr 19 14:43:49 CEST 2006


I've developed a plugin with Kickstarter and it works ok; this plugin show in a table a set of rows 
wich the data of each row come from records (created and) stored in the BackEnd. Now I want to show 
the edit pencil near each row on this table on frontend to permit to edit the data record directly 
instead going in to the backend.

I've see the article about Frontend editing by Kasper and the videos about FrontEnd Development but 
I haven't see a concrete snippet of PHP code for create and manage the correct link/pencil in my 
plugin file (tx_myextension_p1.php).

I have enabled the front editing "mode" by set admPanel=1 in the template setup and adding:

admPanel {
     hide = 1
     enable.edit = 1
     module.edit.forceDisplayFieldIcons = 1
     module.edit.forceDisplayIcons = 0

in the Typoscript section of each user wich I want to permit the frontend editing.

Please help me!

Best regards,


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