[TYPO3] nuSOAP problem with 'eim2amazonsearch' and the new EM of typo3 4.0

Franz Koch typo3 at fx-graefix.de
Wed Apr 19 00:09:35 CEST 2006

Hi list,
> any idea what could be wrong there? Is this php5 related, or typo3 4.0?
> There are also some other error-messages, but they might be related to 
> the failed constructor.
> Anybody got 'eim2amazonsearch' working on typo3 4.0 and php5?

uff, this took some time, but finally I found the reason. As the extensions worked on my production system on php4 and typo3 4.0 without any problems I searched for SOAP on php.net and voila - php5 provides internal SOAP functions. Then I had a look in the php.ini of my dev-system and simply deactivated the builtin soap-functionality. Now it works as expected.
So this has nothing to do with the soap of the EM.

Conclution - simply ignore this topic ;)
Kind regards,
Franz Koch

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