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Wester, Josh JoshuaWester at creighton.edu
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I'm not sure I totally understand what you are going for, but here is my
idea. In the main stylesheet for the main template, make the div
surrounding the 2nd level menu display:none. You could use an extension
template on the pages you want the 2nd level menu to appear on. In the
extension template, include an additional stylesheet that gives the
surrounding div a display:block or display:inline.

Hope this helps.


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I would like to use a second level menu on a couple of my pages, but
don't want the div element that contains it to appear on the rest of my

Is there a way to hide the div element in the main template and make it
visible using an extension template or something similar where it's

I'm fixing a site somebody else made so am learning lots...


Miles Jordan

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