[TYPO3] realurl issue

Christian Vetter Christian.Vetter at dragoner-design.de
Mon Apr 17 09:20:58 CEST 2006

Yo c o,
I'm not sure as to what you're trying to achieve - what do you want  
effectively ?
I'll try a guess:
If you want to reroute the request 'file.hmtl' to  
'myspace.sytes.net/file.php' and 'elif.html' to  
'myspace.sytes.net/elif.php', you can do so with regular expressions:
  'redirects_regex' => array(
      '^(.*).html' => 'http://myspace.sytes.net/\1.php'
Or you want to reroute any request to 'myspace.sytes.net/index.php', then  
you'd use this:
  'redirects_regex' => array(
      '^(.*?)([^/]*).html' => 'http://myspace.sytes.net/\1index.php'


Am 16.04.2006, 23:21 Uhr, schrieb c o <co at graffiti.net>:

> Hi I'm new to this group but not typo3. I just wanted to ask one  
> question about realurl. Is it possible to have it dynamically grab the  
> filename rather than you having to write the name in a redirect?
> ie:
> instead of
> 'redirects' => array(
>       'index.html' => 'http://myspace.net/index.php?id=""'
> you could have
> 'redirects' => array(
>       '"filename".html' => 'http://myspace.sytes.net/index.php?id=""'
> something like that - i know the code makes no sence but it is the idea  
> i'm trying to get accross.
> Cheers

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