[TYPO3] trying to use jeditvfs but unable to log into typo3 backend

oneilch oneilch at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 17 02:27:57 CEST 2006

My comments beginw ith ">>"

I'm the developer of the jeditvfs plugin, so I'm
probably the one to ask :)
>> Thanks for the speedy reponse 

Could you please provide me a list of extensions you
have loaded? 
>> htmlArea RTE  	rtehtmlarea  	1.3.7  	   	   	 
Import an RSS feed into tt_news 	xml_ttnews_import 
jEdit external TypoScript editor (ser... 	jeditvfs 
Versioning Management 	version 	1.0.0 	  		 
CSS styled content 	css_styled_content 	0.3.1 	  	  	 
RDF news feed import 	cc_rdf_news_import 	0.0.2 	  		 
RealURL: URLs like normal websites 	realurl 	1.1.0 	  
Static Info Library 	sr_static_info 	1.4.13 	  	  	 
XMLRPC Lib 	xmlrpc_lib 	1.0.0 	  	  	 
CMW Linklist 	cmw_linklist 	1.5.1 	  	  	 
Indexed Search Engine 	indexed_search 	2.9.0 	  		 
Modern Guestbook / Commenting system 	ve_guestbook 
News 	tt_news 	2.2.42 	  	  	 
Searchbox for Indexed Search Engine 	macina_searchbox 
Tip-A-Friend 	tipafriend 	1.2.1 	  	  	 
Static Info Tables 	static_info_tables 	1.8.0 	  		 
TemplaVoila! 	templavoila 	1.0.1 	  

there are known problems with character encoding in
the current version, 
so if your password contains characters outside of the
ASCII range 
authentication would probably fail.
>>both my user name and password or just regular
alpha-numeric characters

The only authentication scheme that seems to always
work is be_user 
lookup, although jeditvfs tries to use the
authentication service, so 
should support LDAP etc. Are you using normal be_user

>> I am not using any other form of authentication
other than what comes with typo3 4 final so I am
guessing I am using "be_user"

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