[TYPO3] Problems positioning the Tmenu

Jaume Presas jaume at dascabinet.com
Sat Apr 15 17:31:34 CEST 2006

Axel Jindra wrote:
> Jaume Presas wrote:
>> I don't find the way to wrap the code that Typo3 inserts immediately 
>> after the body, what I could get is only to wrap each item of the 
>> diferent menu levels, but not the whole menu. I paste below the TS I'm 
>> using, maybe it helps (sorry, it's a bit long).
>> page.10.subparts.MENU < temp.tmenulayers
> for example:
> page.10.subparts.MENU.wrap = <div id="foo">|</div>

Thanks Axel, but it doesn't work. It wraps only the horizontal menu that 
is visible, not the layers that contain the hidden menus that are shown 
when you roll over over the first menu, and that are inserted just after 
the body tag.

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