[TYPO3] Style switcher

Daniel Doesburg daniel at typo3-nl.eu
Sat Apr 15 12:17:44 CEST 2006

Kevin Renskers schreef:
> Hi list,
> Today I was working on a styleswitcher for my typo3 site, that lets 
> visitors choose which "theme" they use on the site (in other words: a 
> css stylesheet switcher). I used www.alistapart.com/articles/alternate 
> for this. Okay later on I noticed there is an extension for this, but 
> yeah.. :)
> Well I got it all working, someone can very easily choose another theme 
> from a dropdown list and Javascript will change the stylesheet and set a 
> cookie and all. Then I noticed a pretty big problem: I use gifbuilder to 
> create images for the menu, and all headers are rendered as nice images. 
> Of course the fonts and background images I use can't be the same for 
> all themes.
> So how can I make this work? How can a visitor choose another theme that 
> not only changes the stylesheet but also the way the typoscript is used?
> I hope you understand my problem :)
> Kevin Renskers
Hi Kevin,

You can solve this problem in 2 ways:
1. use only TMENU
2. use conditions in your GMENU with globalvar or global string (don't 
know the right one)

Hope this points you in the right rirection.



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