[TYPO3] Typo# CAL extension - how to change event colors?

Jody Cleveland Cleveland at winnefox.org
Thu Apr 13 20:48:57 CEST 2006


> If you take a look at the source, you'll see that the colours are 
> controlled by a mix of external styles and inline styles. I 
> don't know 
> anything about CAL ext. but normally you have some kind of 
> template file 
>   e.g. calendar.tmpl where you can change some of the styles.
> It seems that your extension uses inlineStyle2TempFile which creates 
> this file stylesheet_3b067974f9.css that contains at least the 
> .eventfont class. Well, hope it gets you closer...

Yeah, I noticed that. There's also a templates directory, complete with
default.css. But, the id's don't match up between the template files and
that css file. I'm sure it's easy to change colors, I'm just not seeing

- jody

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