[TYPO3] Links in footer, editable from the backend?

Harald Klotzberg harald.klotzberg at netzbewohner.de
Thu Apr 13 17:28:47 CEST 2006


why not using a TS?

quite easy:
assign a Typoscript Object Path to the footer DIV in TV and name it
lib.footer for example.

In your ts you can do something like this:
lib.footer = html
lib.footer.value (

 <a href .....


lib.footer = HMENU
lib.footer.special ....

Why: Have the definition of the links in a single place, running on the
whole site.
Must be changed only in the TS once. 

If you have it as content Element, you need to do some "magic" that it will
appear on every site.

grtz, harry

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How to do this?

I made a template from templatevoila, but in the footer there are few 
links that I need to modify sometime, so the best method is modify these 
links in the backend and not in the template.

How can I do it?

I found tt_link but there is no documentation and I think the link need 
to be modify with typoscript and not like normal content.

Thanks all
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