[TYPO3] List Module Date/time Field Strangeness

Lucas Thurston lucas at castironcoding.com
Thu Apr 13 06:52:56 CEST 2006

I'm hoping someone might be able to explain to me why the List module 
would display a date/time field with different hour values in two 
different places.  When I view the a record with this field (set to eval 
to datetime in the TCA) and have the table isolated (by clicking on the 
  record list header), I see it as (for example):

19-09-05 08:30

However, when I edit that field on the same record, and it appears in a 
  input field I see this:

5:30 19-9-2005

What is this magic, wonderful, perplexing math that is occurring behind 
the scenes?  Is there a way to make the time appear the same in both 
places?  Is it a coincidence that I am three time zones to the west of 
the server?


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