[TYPO3] change crdate field

Klaus Hinum k_hinum at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 12 15:12:50 CEST 2006

yeah thats true you are right, good idea, but the the date of publishing 
should be set automatically (i know i can do this with ts) for the noob 


JoH schrieb:
>>>>is there any possibilty to change the crdate (creation date) of an
>>>>article other than in the database manually (e.g., using
>>>No. Creation date is not supposed to be modified. May be you can tell
>>>why you need this and we can find better solution?
>>well i order my articles by date on the frontpage and now i want to
>>convert some old articles from our previous cms to typo3.
>>another example: i started a article a week before publishing, but
>>want the article to have crdate of the time of publishing.
>>therefore a changeable crdate field in the page properties would be
>>nice (e.g. joomla has this).
> The fact that "joomla has this" is no reason to do it the same way in TYPO3.
> In fact it's no good idea, since the crdate represents the date when the
> record has been created in the DB.
> It doesn't matter when you wrote it, or what you want to display as the date
> of creation, it's just an internal field.
> If some things went wrong you can find out which element was responsible,
> who created it and when exactly this happened.
> This is why you should NEVER change this field manually, not even with
> Joomla.
> If you want something like "date of publishing" you could use the start
> field to acchieve this.
> Nice sideffect: The article will be published automatically at the "date of
> publishing".
> IMHO this is a much more elegant solution and it's leaving the internal
> field crdate as is.
> Joey

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