[TYPO3] Downgrade?

Johnny Peck johnny at slipcasemedia.com
Wed Apr 12 08:42:43 CEST 2006

lists.netfielders.de wrote:
> Hello!
> Just created a new website using the wonderfull version 4.0 just released. 
> Don't get me wrong: I LOVE IT!
> All is well, but there are a few things, that is still not working. Perhaps 
> I just can't find 'em. A couple of examples are:
> - click-enlarge on my pictures - where is it?

That depends on your setup, you can set click-to-enlarge capability in 
various ways. Maybe you should read the documentation Typoscript by 
Example followed by the TSref doc or consider the wonderful Typo3 Book 
written by some of the gurus here (google pays for ads by the way! just 
kidding Rene!), published by Packt, you can find at packtpub.com, as 
well as amazon.com! I will personally vouch for it's wealth of 
knowledge, and if you are new, it would be highly recommended. The 
publishers are a bit behind the release dates, obviously (4.0 now!), but 
this project is well entrenched and the changes between versions are 
(far more then necessary, in my opinion, see dev list if you dare!) 
taking into account backwards compatibility very much so and you will 
not be lost.

> - using ImageMagick-6.2.5-Q16 I can't get my thumbs shown

Your thumbs where? Backend module, eg. DAM? FE plugin? Do you just 
expect them to work? Which template structure (MTB, FTB, other.) are you 
using? By the way, you may want to consider using GraphicsMagick as an 
alternative. You may want to use IM4.9 or something such that is 
recommended. Personally, GM allows me the opportunity to forget of IM's 
issues. It is a well discussed issue and google.com is your friend.

> - not enough extensions yet

Oh wow, you are very new to Typo3. I think we are above 2,000 now! This 
community has more extensions than we know what to do with. Please, read 
the documentation (RTFM), it is kind of spread out and no real "read 
this, then this, to get this" outline, but please, read the docs and 
explore typo3.org. You will find your answer without us. I am sure of this.

> Anyways - I might be wrong. But is it possible to downgrade to version 
> 3.8.1?
This depends on your server access(shared, root, etc..) and your 
non-typo3 knowledge as well as your T3 knowledge, especially. I would 
certainly not recommend this though. Also, why would you want to 
downgrade unless you are working with a production install in which 
case, you would not have asked these questions, I think? If you are on a 
new install, no reason should be aware aside from extensions not 
cooperating, yet, if I know this community at all, the ext's that are 
relevant are already up to par with 4.0.0 or well on their way.

Anyhow, just my 2 cents, and who knows what they may be worth!?! Well, I 
hope you overcome your issues in a reasonable way. Good luck and trust 
in T3!

ps. Guinness is amazing, also, interestingly enough, it is in the open 
office dictionary by default! Good luck brave T3 explorer!


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