[TYPO3] Frontend plugin: Is this the best way

Drew Leske dleske at uvic.ca
Tue Apr 11 19:54:39 CEST 2006

Oliver Klee wrote:
>> 1. What is the difference between a "frontend plugin" extension and a simple
>> "frontend" extension?  My extension takes configuration on the backend, but
>> I don't know if it qualifies as a "web app" in this context: it provides
>> dynamic content, but without any input from the site user.
> Usually, if it mainly consists of a FE plugin which can be inserted as a
> content element, file it as a "frontend plugin".

Can somebody please tell me what a "frontend" extension would be then?  I'd
really love to understand.

> In a FE plugin that inherits from pibase, you can use this:
> $contentUid = $this->cObj->data['uid'];

Excellent, that's much cleaner... thanks!

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