[TYPO3] wagrandomimage problem / typoscript problem?

Dionisios Fragkopoulos dfragos at auth.gr
Tue Apr 11 19:52:37 CEST 2006

I use wap_radom_image in my page. Unfortunately I am not able to use it on 
all of my pages. On some of them it doesn't work, I can only see this code 
in the parsed page. <div id="right_images">	<!--

		BEGIN: Content of extension "wag_randomimage", plugin 

	<div class="tx-wagrandomimage-pi1">

	<!-- END: Content of extension "wag_randomimage", plugin 
"tx_wagrandomimage_pi1" -->On other pages though in the same site with the 
same code it works fine. The typoscript is on the root page, I tried using 
en ext template on the pages it doesn't work, but it still doesn't work.The 
typoscript I use is plugin.tx_wagrandomimage_pi1 {  noDuplicates = 1  alt = 
defaultDir = fileadmin/rightphoto/  filetypes = gif,png,jpg,jpeg  numImages 
= 3  templateFile = EXT:wag_randomimage/pi1/tx_wagrandomimage_pi1.tmpl 
recursive = 0}  subparts.right_images < plugin.tx_wagrandomimage_pi1Does 
enyone has a clue what would be the problem?Thanks in advanceDionisis 

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