[TYPO3] realurl: exclude root page fromgenerated path

Axel Jindra a.jindra at gmx.de
Mon Apr 10 17:00:33 CEST 2006

Hi again,

this seems to be a bug in RealURL, because as you've said, it works if 
the domain-pages are in the first level of the rootline, but does not, 
if they are deeper.
I have posted a bug report on bus.typo3.org.


>>> my site structure is as follows
>>> +
>>> +-+ base
>>> + +-+ domain1
>>> + + +-+ section
>>> + + + +-+ page
>>> + +-+ domain2
>>> and so on.
>>> I have configured realurl 1.1.0 with multidomains' rootpage_ids and it
>>> works fine except of the fact that the page title (or pathsegment) of
>>> the page with the rootpage_id (containing the domain record) is part of
>>> the generated path, so an url looks like
>> Why do you need "base"?
> because it contains the basic templates for all sites and some pages 
> which are mounted from the different sites.
The page is also needed for a general PageTS configuration and 
"domain-based" search sections in extended search.
>> Do you have "Is root of web site?" checked for "domain1" and "domain2"?
> yes.
> :-(
> Axel.

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