[TYPO3] EM not reachable after update from 4.0beta2 to 4.0

Harald Klotzberg harald.klotzberg at netzbewohner.de
Mon Apr 10 08:25:08 CEST 2006

Hi Franz,

thanks for the hints.
I checked both lists + bugs.typo3.org, but i can´t find anything which helps
me out.
The things i´ve found only depends to things loading/update the list etc.
Am i blind? :) My prob is before when i´m trying to enter the EM, it won´t

What i´ve tried:
I removed temp files in typo3conf / typo3temp.
In another post there has been written that there should be a file in
called extension.gz, not in my installation.

Maybe you can give another hint to me,


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This is a known error.
> Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to 
> allocate 1 bytes) in 
> /srv/www/htdocs/typo3_src-4.0/typo3/mod/tools/em/class.em_index.php on 
> line 2981
> Message. Default is 32M. I temporarily set it to 256MB, but the error 
> still there.
> Anyone has the same error and possibly fixed it?
> Seems to be a hungry EM :)
See this and the developer list for more info.

- Franz
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