[TYPO3] Running multiple sites on one Typo3 installation

Neil Bertram neil at tasmanstudios.co.nz
Sun Apr 9 01:30:44 CEST 2006

Sorry about the delay. It depends how you've defined the first domain in 
Apache. Is it a VirtualHost? Or just the default? If it's just the 
default, all names that resolve to it should be served equally, 
otherwise you have two choices:

1: Add a second VirtualHost directive for the other site
<VirtualHost *>
         ServerName domain2.com
         DocumentRoot /path/to/typo3/root

2: Add the other domain as an alias to the first VirtualHost:
ServerAlias "domain2.com www.domain2.com"

If you don't have access to the Apache configuration, you'd have to use 
the simply point the DNS to the same IP as the first domain, and it 
should just work.


Another Vision wrote:
> Great! Thanks for your help.
> Sorry to be a bit of a thickie... But just for clarification... 
> It might look like this
> ()Typo3 globe
>   [-]Home          <<this is the main site
>      [+]Section
>      [+]Section2
>   [-]Home2         << choose this then define 'Domain' under the 'list'
> module
>      [+]Section
>      [+]Section2 etc...
> Set home2 with its own templates/extension templates for page styling etc...
> Now, I can load Home2 by using www.domain1.com/index.php?id=xx, but my
> knowledge of Apache is, frankly, pathetic. And it's the bit about 
>>point the domain at the same install using Apache
> That loses me. 
> Sorry, and thanks for helping a guy out
> M

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