[TYPO3] Processed Images Don't Show

Christopher bedlamhotel at gmail.com
Thu Apr 6 21:22:21 CEST 2006

Hi again,

On 4/6/06, Gilles Deacur <tronno22556 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Tapio Markula wrote:
> >
> >> I can't erase or change permissions on GB/, cs/, or the pics/ folder.
> >
> > How they are created - if they are not automatic created
> > by typo3 but FTP you can't delete them and change permission
> >
> >> Still get the exact same errors.
> >
> > quixplorer and the default file manager has the same owner
> > GB/, cs/ have for some reason different owner
> Okay, I went into the folder with my FTP and was able to delete
> everything that quixplorer couldn't.
> So the entire typo3temp directory is now empty.
> Now, when I go into my "Image Processing" menu and "Reading Image
> Formats", the red flags go up for every format under that heading.  Not
> even the images on the right hand side of the comparisons.
> Same with "Writing GIF and PNG" and "Scaling Images".
> "Combining Images" looks the same as the first post. I get the alert
> error in the 1st section, but at least I can see the images.
> "GD Library Functions" looks the same as the first post too.  I can see
> the boxes, but the font is too big for the image on the left, and I get
> all those errors in the top of the screen.
> Warning: imagegif(): Unable to open
> '/hsphere/local/home/.../typo3temp/temp/415b27bdc3e0ab923dd5d27ccfa47f0b_maskNT.gif'
> for writing in
> /hsphere/local/home/.../typo3/t3lib/class.t3lib_stdgraphic.php on line 2603

There may be two problems with your install currently:

1. The php scripts cannot write to the folders they need to. This is
obvious from the 'Unable to open' errors, and from the fact that you
were able to delete some folders but not others via ftp.

This would have been obvious to you as well, had you visited the
'Basic Configuration' screen in the install tool (as I suggested you
should)! You would have--still will--an error showing that some
directories are not writeable.

Have your host run a command like the following from shell:

chgrp -R nobody typo3conf typo3temp uploads

('nobody' is a common name for the webserver user, it may be different
on your server, but your host should know this...)

2. If this doesn't get IM working, it may be that a) IM is not
installed, or is at a different path than you've specified--again, you
can tell this from the 'Basic Configuration' screen in the install


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