[TYPO3] if/else stdWrap conditional

Wester, Josh JoshuaWester at creighton.edu
Thu Apr 6 15:48:34 CEST 2006

I just solved my own problem, so I'm posting the solution in case anyone
is curious:

	    subparts.SITE_TITLE = COA
	    subparts.SITE_TITLE.10 = TEXT
	    subparts.SITE_TITLE.10.field = subtitle // title
	    subparts.SITE_TITLE.10.noTrimWrap = || : |
	    subparts.SITE_TITLE.10.if {
	        value.data = leveluid:0
	        equals.field = uid
	        negate = 1
	    subparts.SITE_TITLE.20 = TEXT
	    subparts.SITE_TITLE.20.data = leveltitle:0



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I am trying to essentially accomplish an if/else in typoscript. I want
SITE_TITLE to return "subtitle : leveltitle:0" unless the current page
is the root page of the site. I have tried various other methods with no
success and came up with following code. This code makes sense to me,
but TYPO doesn't seem to like it. All SITE_TITLE returns is

        # Get Site Title
        subparts.SITE_TITLE = TEXT
        subparts.SITE_TITLE {
            data = leveltitle:0
            stdWrap.field = subtitle // title
            stdWrap.noTrimWrap = || :|
            stdWrap.if {
                value.data = leveluid:0
                equals.field = uid
                negate = 1

I would really appreciate any help anyone can give me.


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