[TYPO3] Image is blank when using CAPTCHA with frontend

Christopher bedlamhotel at gmail.com
Thu Apr 6 01:05:45 CEST 2006


On 4/5/06, Alex Hobbs <alexjhobbs at gmail.com> wrote:
> > What happens when you go to
> > http://yourdomain.tld/typo3conf/ext/captcha/captcha/captcha.php?
> > -Christopher
> Hi Christopher.
> http://www.bigroo.com/typo3/ext/captcha/captcha/captcha.php
> I get the frontpage, I have it installed globally though, perhaps that
> is the problem?

Well, first of all, it should have been

But you've got some kind of redirect set up that redirects every
request to the root page. It doesn't look like a realurl thing since
there's no <base href="..." /> in that page, so I don't know what's

The point of hitting the captcha file directly was that that's all you
need to do to test the plugin--you should get an image file as you do



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