[TYPO3] Using $TCA to globally override sort and size of all FE Group select boxes?

John Kallies jkallies at majorninth.com
Wed Apr 5 23:48:06 CEST 2006

I will be very grateful for any insight to my question (previous posts, 
summarized below). I know many experts are very busy with 4.0, and I'm 
happy to read documentation and dissect examples. If my question is 
misguided or far-fetched, would someone please reply with why, as then 
I've obviously misunderstood the Typo3 framework.

Never mind about using the TCA, as I may be incorrect there. But through 
whatever means, is what I'm describing possible?

  - Override  _all_ FE Group selector boxes appear in alpha order


  - Override _all_ FE Group selector boxes render as a tree, such as
    the tt_news categories

In either case, I need these overrides to survive an extension or Typo3 
source upgrade (don't want to hack Typo3 source or extension code if at 
all possible)

John Kallies
Columbus, OH, USA

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