[TYPO3] Adding dynamic footer

Sébastien Ioannitis-McColl Ioannitis at intracen.org
Wed Apr 5 20:38:44 CEST 2006

As a newbie to TYPO3 and being a bit lost in the complexity of this huge CMS, I have been trying to do something simple for the last few days but without success.
1. I am using TEMPLAVOILA and I want to have a dynamic footer. I first tried to create a new field as "Content Elements" mapping type in the DS/TO for the footer area which I mapped. Going to the "Page TV" area for the root site page, I created my footer/copyright element. As a result, this footer element only appears on the first page, and is not repeated on all my website page. I am definitely doing something wrong.
2. Second, I thought that this may not be the right solution, so I created a "Typoscript" mapping type in the DS/TO. I then created a footer element. going to the SETUP of the site root, I thought I could use the reference to my newly created element in the SETUP part  using a cObject like CONTENT. And I got stuck at this point, not knowing what to do next and if this is possible.
Could you please help with either solution. If both solutions are workable, I would be interested in knowing answers to both.
I fact I want the same kind of footer as on Dassault Systemes site, with is translated into all defined languages + links.
Thanks in advance.

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