[TYPO3] How to use getEditIcon (parameter trouble)?

Francesco Pessina typo3news at yahoo.it
Wed Apr 5 15:17:20 CEST 2006

Hi to everyone!

How to use correctly the getEditIcon function?

for example:


I set:
- some_my_table_fiels: write a comma separated text list of some fields 
(from a table) wich I would to edit (for example 'title, picture')
- my_plugin_table is the table name from where I take the records to be 
edited (the records above)
- a_title_for_window: a text title for the pop-up windows (like 'Edit'?)
- $row: the current rowset (from mysql_fetch_array)
- $conf: an array with some configuration

The big question is: $conf is the same "$conf" wich is present in the 
main($content,$conf) or is a custom conf array. If is custom, wich data 
I must set in it? The icon is generated on FrontEnd but the link is 
inconsistent (the square brackets [] of the record selector are always 
empty). A PHP warning is given about array_merge(), second argument is 
not an array...

Someone give me an more detailed example?

Thanks a lot,


P.S. this question is about the need to display a edit icon/feature near 
the records (of a my custom plugin) in the FrontEnd (when a user is 
logged). Anyone with a better solution/idea is welcome!

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