[TYPO3] Extended Search+Portuguese (extension csh_pt)

Thomas Menzel menzel at ds5120.fb12.tu-berlin.de
Tue Apr 4 15:31:18 CEST 2006


I am using the extended search extension on a site with 6 Languages
(English (default), German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese). I
installed all csh_**-extensions and the extended search runs perfect
with 5 languages. Despite installing csh_pt indexed search does not
switch to Portuguese. To change the language I used the corresponding
code for all 6 languages:

(example for portuguese)

[globalVar = GP:L=5]
    config.sys_language_uid = 6
    config.language = pt
    config.locale_all = pt_PT

(Typo3: 3.8.1)

Has anyone suggestions or tips what went wrong?


Thomas Menzel

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