[TYPO3] fe user registration. Invitation can't be confirmed

Andreas Förthner Andreas.Foerthner at netlogix.de
Mon Apr 3 17:09:09 CEST 2006

Hi list,

maybe I'm completely blind but there is something going wrong with the 
sr_feuser_register Extension when I try to confirm an invitation. The 
user is created with the Invitation form and I get the mail with the 
confirm link. But then, if I try to confirm, the Extension ouputs the 
standard error message that somethings going wrong with the 
confirmation. All the pids are set to the page with the plugin (and the 
plugin outputs the error, so the page should be right).

This is the confirmation link generated:[rU]=29&tx_srfeuserregister_pi1[cmd]=setfixed&tx_srfeuserregister_pi1[sFK]=APPROVE&fD[_FIELDLIST]=uid%252Cpid%252Cusergroup&fD[usergroup]=2&fD[disable]=0&tx_srfeuserregister_pi1[aC]=540ec6fe

Do you have an idea what this could be?

Thank you for your support.



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