[TYPO3] Is it safe to use DBAL?

Martin Kindler kindlerm at arcor.de
Mon Apr 3 11:42:01 CEST 2006

> I don't understand the question. 
:-) Effectively your answer is very helpful. Thanks!

> You can and should always use the database abstraction TYPO3 has built-in,
> aka $TYPO3-DB->foo() for your purposes.
> It's then completely up to the site admin what db to use for 
> the site or particular tables. As an extension author, you 
> should just write portable code, and as a site admin, you should use DBAL
if you 
> need anything else than plain MySQL.
I have both roles.

> I wonder why you need DBAL at all: You worry about performance and use 
> only MySQL. So you either don't need DBAL or you could use the DBAL 
> native driver and switch to another db any time later.
Currently I only use MySQL, but this might change. Therefore the idea of
using DBAL (with its "native" driver for the moment). 
But if it is easy enough to later switch to DBAL when it is needed (only
fulfilling my administrator role, but not troubling my extension writer
role) I'll start without it.


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