[TYPO3] Transparent GIF in GMENU

Christian Vetter Christian.Vetter at dragoner-design.de
Sun Apr 2 19:47:34 CEST 2006

Hi Scott,
The only differences I've seen in Susanne's code (except of course that  
it's a special menu) are the color having been written in hex form and the  
'NO = 1', but since the latter shouldn't be needed and the former should  
be recognized as you wrote it.
Call it a dumb question, but do the img-tags appear in the HTML-code  
delivered by Typo3? If so, open one of the images in an image software -  
does it have the right proportions?

About the field property, since Susanne is using it successfully, it's  
most probably right :) I guess I got something wrong in the documentation.
I really thought the newer IEs supported alpha transparency - I was  
certain to have seen it ... but then again, I might just have been tricked  

If you find the relevant difference with Susanne's code, I'll be  
appreciate if you point it out.

Best regards,

Am 02.04.2006, 08:18 Uhr, schrieb Scotty C <superscotty19 at yahoo.com>:

> Hey Christian,
> Here's the responses to each thing you mentioned:
> - font path is correct
> - offset was positive but changed to negative for
> formatting purposes only
> - I used field because I want the title of each page
> to be the title of each menu entry, and I don't think
> it gets the value automatically
> - I know about GIFs and alpha transparencies. It's
> really too bad because even though Typo3 4.0 supports
> it, IE doesn't so there's no point. At any rate, I'm
> only doing single channel transaprencies ... if I
> could get them to work!
> I really wish I knew why this isn't working! Thanks as
> always,
> -Scott.

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