[TYPO3] How to stop FE access

Erik Svendsen erik at linnearad.no
Sat Apr 1 18:46:18 CEST 2006

Hello Stan,

> Besides renaming index.php I renamed .htaccess as well.  Since I'm
> working
> on the BE that was enough to preclude FE access.  Now what I need is
> that
> nobody else get access to the FE but me.  I prefer not to mess up
> htaccess.
> What I wish is to make typo3 rejects anyone trying to access the FE,
> but
> me of course.
> Any idea outside .htaccess?

There are different solutions, but some of them depends of what kind of permission 
you have on the server.

The simple solution I often use on developing are giving the developing installation 
a subdomain, and let the running website have the main domain. It do not 
restrict the access, but normaly very few people are hitting the pages. Normaly 
1 to 4 persons in a 4 - 6 weeks time. The only thing you need here is the 
ability to make subdomains and point to them. I remember something that you 
can have TYPO3 to only answer request for this subdomain. Read in the Getting 
Started manual

If you are using Apache and have access to Apache configuration files, you 
have the ability to use allow and deny directives. You can restrict your 
access to one or more IP addresses. I'm using this solution on my own deveopment 
server, but here I have only one domain in each virtual server. You can use 
this also in .htaccess. But remember, this one has some drawbacks. If your 
internet connection (to home etc) has dynamic IP, you could be locked out. 
Or if you running site has the same root - you have a problem. But maybe 
it's enough to restrict one of the subdirs in the TYPO3 inst, for instance 
typo3conf, or fileadmin. Suppose people with wrong IP will only get an error. 

But maybe your real problem is that both your TYPO3 installation, or you 
old site are using the same root. Who I consider as bad strategi, because 
it's easy through www-redirect to point at subdirectories, and it also gives 
the opportunity to run different services on the same webspace. I'm running 
TYPO3, eGroupWare and a webbased filerepos on same webspace. 

Erik Svendsen

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