[TYPO3] Large Typo3 newssite (15k news rec) - Performance question

Michael Scharkow michael at underused.org
Sat Apr 1 16:32:27 CEST 2006

Adam Nemeth wrote:

>     Of course, php e-accelerator and typo3 caching is enabled. We tried 
> to play with apache child numbers, but it didn't help. It's now around 32.

Hi Adam,

I know I say this every time such a request comes in, but it really 
looks like eaccelerator and TYPO3 caching are *not* working if you get 4 
req/s on such a server. How is static file output, what do the stats on 
eaccelerator.php tell you? Do you have tt_news caching enabled, does 
jp_pageteaser use caching?

Other than that, you really should slim down the generated HTML code by 
making CSS and JS external. This will not be such a performance gain, 
but save you and your users much time and traffic.


PS: I don't know how slow Mambo is, but what does benchmarking phpinfo() 
tell about the raw PHP/eacc. performance...

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