[TYPO3] GMENU - sorry, again

Cristina lulu at pantoufle.de
Sat Apr 1 11:06:53 CEST 2006

Sorry for the double-posting, but since the text got terribly formatted, I 
guess no one would have wanted to look into the code or the message :))
Thank you in advance



I am posting for help since - after 3 days of research - I am getting 
nowhere at this point. I am still studying tsref, but I can't seem to figure 
out how to do this:

I have a GMENU and want to assign each menu entry a different css class, for 

<DIV id="home"></div><DIV id="contact"></div>
Logically I would just need to get the pageid or the pagetitle of each menu 
entry in my wrap. But I don't know how.
temp.menu_2.1.NO {
   XY = 100, 12
   # get the pageid or the pagetitle
   wrap = <div id="pageid_or_pagetitle_here">|</div><br>
   20 = TEXT
   20.text.field = title
   20.offset = 0,10
   20.fontColor = #511c1f
   20.fontSize = 11 pt
   20.fontFile = fileadmin/fonts/Ftl_____.TTF

I tried conditions and the before.cObject, but it didn't work at all.
I guess I'm missing or confusing something fundamental, but I'm stuck now. 
Turning in circles...

Has anyone done this before or knows how to do? Any hint would be great!!

Thank you very much

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